MIX Carwash




Mix techinal division, Cameltech engineering and production

Design: Paolo Villa Design


Technological innovation, the growing attention for the environment, sustainability and artificial intelligence set out new standards for industrial production. Mix wishes to create new “doors”, that integrate innovative tools and functions. It re-creates their functionality, designing an object that is recognizable yet distinctive, and easier to maintain.


Our project of total design takes a comprehensive approach, that goes beyond the naming to focus on the industrialisation and communication plan. It takes a natural shape, as a tree that develops vertically as well as laterally, with all its functions on the branches. This leads to the development of a Y shape, which set the ground for the development of the complementarity products of the total design project.

The urban space acquires new functions and services as it develops. Carwashing stations are an example of this. Necessary to keep cars clean, they are often intended for self-service. Users must be able to easily understand how to use the machines for the pre-washing, washing and drying functions. These machines must be self-explanatory.


The technological machine is at the heart of the project. The remote controls and daily management systems are the essence of the Yper portal. The overall project has been structured around the need to create easy-to-use tools for the maintenance and liquids refill. Ensuring sustainability is part of the objectives of the Mix’s design project.


The communication plan will develop around two key features of the Italian industry: automation and design, which are essential components of Mix’s work.


Mix is a leader in the industry and decided to prepare its customer to the upcoming changes by developping a teaser campaign on social media and sector-specific media.


Some innovations are machine-specific. The videos and images contribute to illustrate the technological innovations.


Sustainability is at the core of Yper and will also be part of the cummunication strategy. Recycable materials have been used, the water consumption has been reduced and energy dispersion optimized.