Analysis, Action, Test.
A work method based on rigorous sequential passages and continuous tests.

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Brand knowledge acquisition and analysis of results, that is preparatory to the strategy development.

Brand audit
Brand perception
Communication analysis
Trend analysis
Market and competition analysis
Target audience analysis


Based on the information obtained during the analysis, brand strategy development.

Values and brand personality
Vision and Mission
Brand Architecture
Development journey


Analysis and study of the strategic inputs for the development of the identity

Verbal Strategy
Development of a verbal identity of the brand in line with business strategy and communication

Linguistic register
Tone of voice

Visual Strategy
Development of a visual identity of the brand in line with business strategy and communication. There are three main aspects in the construction of the visual identity:

Brand identity
Look & Feel
Communication Guidelines


Translation of the strategic inputs and implementation of a consistent and distinctive identity system, characterized on the various channels.


Cooperation with the customer in the brand management process in its various forms and communication coordination over time.


Branding Model CEU | 0.9

Branding Design Oriented first edition published in 2009 shows exhaustively the brand model invented by Elio Carmi called “branding model CEU”. The underlying issue that the CEU branding model has faced and place as interpretative and innovative parameter, it was still to define and put into system centre – as a tool /device – the design method ab origine of the brand. In addition, this model shows as an essential element the brand governance, the foundation of the activities aimed at brand building, always with the brand strategy – the brand design strategy – as the reference matrix. Everything still answering basic questions that models called of “state” tend to, or what is a brand, and/or “management” models, or how a brand works, but defining an operational mode, planning and practice.

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