Interior Design: Artis 121


GustoMadre is a contemporary pizza restaurant that produces also big yeast-leavened products in the forefront. After years of activity, it is now ready to transform itself in order to grow, opening a new space in the main square of Alba, open all day to offer also breakfasts and snacks, farther than lunch and dinner, with a pastry laboratory and a new menu of sweet and savory food to be consumed on-site or to take-away. This structural evolution must be followed by a communication strategy too, but also in branding, omnichannel, communication products, space, and packaging.


Make Gustomadre a brand capable of express itself in the most coherent but as well distinctive way, to take advantage of all the communication opportunity, putting in the middle mother yeast as a paradigm of production and with a precise governance. The naming (Gustomadre) will be optimized and a payoff will be created. From the new positioning found, the rebranding will take at a strongly identity-driven and communicative brand, that reveals a new distinctive language applied in the online and off-line communication channel, to outfit spaces with retrofit elements and service design, packaging for sweet and savory products, bags and placemats, and decorations applied to the pastry.


The monogram is a unified graphic symbol obtained by the conjunction of two or more letters, that it stands in-between the written part and the iconic part. Synthesis of the initial G and M, it remembers historical stamps with whom the familiar property of baked bread in communal avons was “recognized”. The curved lines of the mark recall circularity and sharing, to a 360° taste.

So that the user’s experience has to be both in the space and within the brand, a 3-Dimensional monogram and wallpapers designed with tonal pattern expressions have been applied to the walls. Customized cups, placemats, and bottles convey the brand presence on tables and counters. Pastry decorations sign the products on the food counter.


The pattern is a direct derivation of the brand logo shape and helps to fix and enhance the concepts already written on the monogram: connection, circularity and sharing.


The packaging for the big yeast-leavened products is thought to convey in the best way the identity of GustoMadre, telling the research through ennoblement, the attention to details for different patterns (different but sons of an unique language) cromatic alternatives that return the perfume of single products in a box adapted for the take away that exalts the product and ensure the best conservation.