Museum of Lights


Museum of Lights






Edizioni Skira
Dario Canova

The Brief

Realize the visual project dedicated to the historical collection of Hannukkah, heritage of the Jewish community of Casale Monferrato.


Development of the exposition concept, the visual design and the support communication materials.

A collection in constant development.

Chanukkiah is, by definition, the candelabrum with eight arms plus the shammash, which must never be like the others. Artists, architects and designers, especially after the Shoah, almost to overtake the universal value of a rebirth in the light, have created their own channukkia, attracted by this object with a great emotional charge.


The Museum of Lights has over 170 artist channukkiot, and each work is a tale. Objects filled with charm revisited through the art eyes: beautiful, brilliant and imaginative.

Together with the Jewish Community of Casale, Carmi e Ubertis tells an exhibition of sculptures representing a symbol of an ancient culture: 7 points, 7 lights, 1 Shammash, 1 different.


The collection never runs out.

The collection until 2015 was hosted at the Casale Monferrato Synagogue. Since 2015 it is kept in the Casale Monferrato Castle, and is suitable to be hosted at different facilities.


The communication system highlights the vastness of the works, to date exactly 172, and the names of the great artists who have actively participated in the development of the same.


Every artist and designer has had the opportunity to express himself freely, without constraints or limits, so that each sculpture is a work in itself, a single expression of the poetics of each of them.