Magnoberta 100 years






Exteriors: Studio Alzona
Interiors: Mash Up Duo Creativo
Layout: Valerio Bigano

The company Magnoberta is a historical distillery in Casale Monferrato, founded in 1918.
On the occasion of its centenary, the company wants to celebrate the anniversary as an opportunity to innovate and reposition its brand: from a strictly B2B service, the company wants to activate a direct relationship with a potential audience through the creation of a point of sale within the production area.

Starting from the current visual identity, it’s been developed a special brand for the centenary of Magnoberta, with the purpose of personalize, make special events unforgettable and distintive. Different projects and events have brought the store inauguration forward: a book on the company biography, tours in the distillery, tasting events. The store has been named Grapperia 918, developed as a concept store, applying the new brand to space and packaging design (special projects, limited editions of precious bottles), materials of communication, concept and design of a permanent exposition dedicated to the history of the distillery.

Magnoberta marchio 100 anni

To enhance and celebrate, a seal has been designed to accompany the activities to publicise the anniversary and its celebration.


The centenary celebration edition has enabled a historical recovery of many signs, objects, photographs, maps, mirrors, posters and much more. Together, the elements accompany the reader through the unfolding of the family history, making him part not only of the narrative itself but of 100 years of the history of Casale Monferrato and, in general, of Italy as a whole.


The distillery did not have an open front on the road, capable of welcoming the public. On the occasion of the distillery’s 100th anniversary, the Luparia family opened the doors of its business through the creation of Grapperia 918, facilitating entry into the extraordinary world of production, care, conversation and tradition of those who have maintained the artisan dimension over the centuries, respecting the territory.
The store has become a place for meetings, training, food and wine, but above all a welcoming place at one of the main entrances to Casale Monferrato. The upper floor houses a historical museum documenting the distillery’s first 100 years.