Terre di Pisa


Chamber of Commerce of Pisa


March 2017


Francesco Biacca


Define a visual concept for the new identity of the tourist destination of the Pisan territory. The primary objective is to create a strong identity in the Italian tourism landscape and to build a distinctive positioning respect and within the Tuscan offer.


Terre di Pisa is proposed as a territorial marketing project, a destination brand that uses a single brand to promote the different realities and expressions of the Pisan territory, and be recognizable on the domestic and international markets through a clear and distinctive message.


f t g p n E
Manuale identità-Terre di Pisa-01

Terre di Pisa is the umbrella brand that unites, enhances and promotes the Pisan tourist offer by leveraging all the peculiarities of the territory.

We wanted a simple, immediate and effective idea, starting from an iconic opportunity known all over the world that comes from the strength of a consolidated heritage. Because the Tower is already part of the collective memory.


Terra di Pisa will not only be a brand, but also wants to become a hallmark, a bearer of pride. Thus it will be a collective symbol of belonging, guarantee and quality.


The Tower is the icon of the territory, the synthesis of a territory rich in colors that represent it. From the green nature, to the blue sea, to the yellow hills, to the red sunsets. They are the chromatic sum of a human, natural, authentic and original vitality. Plural, multiple, differentiated.