Camera di Commercio


February 2018


Jekyll & Hyde


Realize the new trademark of Unioncamere, the representative body of the Chambers of Commerce, in the context of the concourse for the creation of the new visual identity system.


The visual identity project aims to strengthen the desire of Unioncamere to position itself as a reference point for the entire Italian entrepreneurial urban fabric, and is representative of the renewal of the identity and the new tasks of the Italian Chamber system.

A modern, inclusive and participatory sign that contributes to give unity to the Italian Chamber system, to promote the institution and to enhance the new strategic objectives that Unioncamere places in the country.


The trademark is composed of the repetition of a series of semi-circular rings whose shape can be interpreted both as a U of union and C of chambers. The final circular shape, a sort of flower, rosette, star, represents the union of several elements around a single central fulcrum.


It is also possible to perceive, according to the laws of Gestalt studied at the beginning of the twentieth century, a further element, not drawn but perceptible; a circle that connects and holds the different elements of the brand together.