Balich Worldwide Shows


Balich Worldwide Shows



Define vision and mission, derived from the know-how of Marco Balich, in function of the new entrepreneurial reality that appears on the international market. Design a brand system extendable to different sub brands, each of which is intended to singular operative units.

Design a solid Brand Architecture, strong of a Master Brand which enhance the vitality, the energy, the surprise and the innovative and techonology skills, designed by BWS for the wonder of the live show. We defined a coordinate symbolic system, recognizable in its own brand language.


Master the energy.
The symbol is clear and simple in its reading, international in its explanation. The treatment is Pop, popular and urban. The synthesis is dynamic, energetic and colorful. In order to build great events, these ingredients are needed: simplicity, energy and instant perception of the actions.


Build a system.
Control, rhythm and fluidity. In communication, rules make recognizable the language; designing it, there are values to respect, codes and standards that govern its usability.

Multiply the communication.
Worldwide Show realizes ideas. Thinking them is not enough, we need to put them into practice, and being recognizable is a big part of the directive role.

And then they’re documented, described, brought to life on social networks, website, people: to become a story for People and for the brand reputation.


Extend services.

Global entertainment requires specializations. High professional profiles that can act individually when a specific intervention is needed, or play as a team if the energy has to explode. In this, Brand Architecture is strategic.