Fondazione AIRC per la Ricerca sul Cancro


Fondazione AIRC per la Ricerca sul Cancro


October 2019 on going


Antonella Porfido


Fondazione AIRC is an Italian institution born to support research in the oncology field and training for researchers, raising awareness and information towards citizens, accompanying people in prevention, diagnosis and therapy. In September 2019 Fondazione AIRC per la Ricerca sul Cancro opened a call for the creation of a visual system to support the already existing logo.

Carmi e Ubertis has identified a proper visual language to develop new narratives and models of identity use, creating a syntax that is infinitely declinable, projected to precisely adhere to different needs. This language maintains the main points of AIRC’s institutional graphics, emphasizing the linearity and structure of the existing design, in continuity with the historical past of the visual identity including new elements to optimize communication.


f t g p n E

The visual system is characterized by the use of colored triangles, used flexibly in relation to communication tools and content. The construction of the basic grid for the visual system is obtained by dividing the field of use horizontally into 8 equal parts. This system identifies the useful points from which it’s possible to build the first triangle, whose oblique side maintains the inclination derived from the diagonal present in the AIRC logo. The resulting grid underlies the construction and distribution of the shapes that make up the new format. The intersection of the vertical lines of the grid with the oblique side of the first triangle determines the new useful points from which to start the construction of the second triangle, whose oblique side is obtained by mirroring the inclination of the diagonal present in the logo.

The resulting shapes will assume the primary and secondary colors of AIRC. The AIRC brand will be positioned within the format following the previously built grid. With the application of the grid on free fields diagonal crossings are obtained, which are useful for the composition of communication materials. The grid is also designed to accommodate pictures or video.

ppt AIRC
leaflet AIRC

The visual language is transmitted, along with brand books and briefs, to other professionals who participate in the AIRC Foundation communication. Starting from the needs and the vector used, the format can be declined – both offline and online, both in corporate products and in campaigns – in a flexible and open way while ensuring continuity of language and therefore consistency, recognition and memorability.


The national campaigns palette provides additional colors with the aim of extending the flexibility of AIRC communication system. Similar colors have been identified to define a harmony and balance in support and not in contrast with the colors of the AIRC brand, but at the same time remaining recognizable, memorable, and reproducible for other coordinated uses. These campaigns, on a national scale, are the building blocks of a strategic axis of great importance for AIRC. The membership of AIRC in the new campaign symbols – created as an organic system – is underlined by the presence of its logo integrated into the photographed subject representing the national event.