Fondazione di Modena


January 2019 on going


ETT S.p.a.
Elena Silvestri
Enrico Bergamini


As part of the rebranding process of the Modena Foundation, Spazio F project was conceived and implemented with the aim of strengthening the dialogue between the institution and the territory. The brief made clear the need to conceive the space in terms of communication contents, dressing and naming it and creating an interactive storytelling of the activities of the Modena Foundation.

Carmi e Ubertis played the role of Artistic Direction and coordination of the various partners involved in architectural design (Elena Silvestri and Enrico Bergamini) and interaction design (ETT S.p.a.). It was created a cognitive experience marked by diversified narrative elements: from interactive touch screens to temporary exhibitions, from bulletin boards for storytelling to retrofit elements to characterize the environments.


f t g p n E
esterno spazio F

SpazioF is the new gateway to the Foundation, a place in which meet, relate and communicate with the city. Here the visitor can learn about, and access, the activities of the Foundation and the opportunities it generates. The invitation to enter is placed on the window in Via Emilia Centro, where a luminous sculpture composed of LED stripes returns a video animations created specifically for the Foundation.

Video Presentazione Spazio F
reception spazio F
reception Spazio F2

At the entrance, a bulletin board hosts local initiatives, accompanying the visitor to the desk, with the visual identity of the Modena Foundation.
In the first room, a mirrored monitor offers the narration of the various and many activities of the Modena Foundation, according to an interaction guided by the visitor himself who can select the contents according to his/her own interests.


“It is a moment in which the bodies of the State, like the Foundations, must participate in active support for the community to which they refer”

Paolo Cavicchioli

Paolo Cavicchioli FDM
libreria spazio F
cartaparati FDM

The central multipurpose room (conferences / coworking / live streaming) hosts a multifunction display over the entire length: here it is possible to enjoy the semi-permanent exhibition on the city of Modena, temporary exhibitions, books and prestigious objects of the Foundation, the library loan service.
On the short wall, a wallpaper designed and created for the occasion also acts as a back drop. The touch monitors in this room and in the adjacent Press Room propose, depending on the opportunity, narrative or informative video contents.