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RCS Group intended to build a high-skill educational hub for students, young people, managers and professionals, optimizing the know-how of its own managers, journalists, editors, reporters, photographers, reporters for educational programs, with a unique and distinctive promise. The request was to develop a naming, a trademark and a Brand Design Strategy. This allows to place the new brand in the educational market, aiming at the international one, maintaining a significant link with its Mother Brand, from which its strength comes.

Creating the new brand identity, ambassador of the potential of RCS MediaGroup in the educational field, the project has taken the distinctive storytelling and visual language used for the Corporate Brand: on the one hand the use of the Mother Trademark, on the other hand aligning with the graphic and typographic signs of the typical university culture.

RCS Academy - su carta
RCS Academy costruzione logo

The naming RCS Academy – Business School places the new Corporate Brand in the educational market segment, aiming to the international market. The visual identity keeps the charactestic feature of RCS trademark: the open book, the logo, the institutional blue. To these visual elements id added the design of a shield: symbolic icon that recalls the concepts of protection and stenght, values guaranteed in a contemporary key by knowledge and education.

The launch campaign of the new Business School has been designed with an institutional and international tone of voice, in order to combine the future with the strong roots of an historic company of the national territory.


The six areas of specialization proposed by the school – the Academies – have adopted as identity element a simple solution, designed with six tones and dedicated pictures. The leaflets, useful to show the educational offer, have been built with a language that diversifies the academic products in relation to their targets.


The website has been designed to easily consult the educational offerings and to allow the constant update of the contents.


The two RCS Academy’s headquarters are built to be a medium of expression of values, in continuity with the brand strategy. The identity elements are integrated with pictures, taken from the RCS historical archive. The tones of the walls define the educational classrooms, the study spaces and labs. We designed a modular way finding path, in order to be update with the extension of the headquarters.