Marco Fertonani Award


Gruppo Proper Transearch


June 2018


Carlo Fornaro

Design the Brand Identity for the first edition of the HR Digital Mindset Award “Marco Fertonani”, declining it into a branding project. In a world where visual identity is often guided by the physical object of the prize itself, synthesis of symbolic values that it carries.

Identify a Brand Design Language system capable of guiding the entire project: from the naming, to verbal and design explorations, up to the design of the trophy and the organization of the entire awards event.


f t g p n E

The purpose of the Prize is to contribute to the awareness of digital innovation as a lever to create value in Human Resources functions.


The unified identity system we created is based on three key elements:
1. the red color and the energy it represents
2. the trophy, a transparent and iridescent sculpture, made of methacrylate, to symbolize the value of change
3. the graphic sign treated in outline, in continuity with the solidity and transparency of the trophy.
All this interprets a symbolic tribute to the ethical value of Marco Fertonani. Event and Award Object are designed as a brand management system that can be developed over time.

IMG_0130 web
Terzo Premio Fertonani

The visual and verbal identity of the Award was declined in the online and offline information tools, in the invitations, on the website and in all the touchpoints according to a global Branding project.

RollUP Fertonani

The Brand Identity led the preparation of the rooms of the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan where the HR Digital Mindset Award “Marco Fertonani” was held.

palco_intero Fertonani
badge2 - Fertonani

An integrated cross-media communication designed and developed according to an organic Brand Governance approach.