Human Technopole


Human Technopole Foundation


January 2020


Martino and Partners

Human Technopole, the new Italian research institute for life sciences, has launched a tender for the development of its visual corporate identity. Human Technopole’s goal is to promote and contribute to the improvement of citizens’ health and well-being, through biomedical research in the field of life sciences.

We identified the value pillars and defined the positioning of Human Technopole in the need to communicate sharing of knowledge, innovation and improvement of the quality of life, interdisciplinarity and internationality. We have built a coherent Brand Language which connects the Human Technopole Foundation project with its architecture, identifying in it centrality and strength, transmitting interdependence, openness, organicity, interaction, link between different elements and disciplines. The structures that dress Palazzo Italia become modular graphic elements that return the institutional visual identity, but at the same time they represent a welcoming nest, where the graphemes H and T are and become an identity sign.

Human Technopole will contribute to promoting human health and well-beingthrough biomedical research in the field of life science. Our aim is to develop novel approaches in personalised and preventive medicine.
Our initial focus is on five research areas: genomics, neurogenomics, structural biology, computational biology and data analysis.
Human Technopole is based in Palazzo Italia and is envisioned as a large-scale research infrastructure. We will set up and operate scientific facilities and servicesto be made available to external scientists. These will respond to the needs of the national and international life sciences research community.
We drive innovation and progress by promoting technology transfer and proactively engaging in relations with industry, to foster the translation of scientific discoveries into tangible applications for the benefit of patients and of society at large.
FInally an important element to HT’s mission will be the dissemination of scientific activities and achievements to reinforce the message that science is a public good.

Form Human Technopole website.

sistema Human Technopole

The signs that make up the logo are both graphic and chromatic. The dress of architecture becomes the element that guarantees recognition and adherence between content and container. The sign is characterized by a chromatic nuance ranging from light blue to green. The light blue conveys Italianness, the green conveys sustainability and respect for the environment. The blue born from these two colors brings to mind water and speaks of generativity, birth, life. Welcomed by the sign, embraced by the T, the words Human Technopole are placed in institutional blue, which gives solidity and officiality to the visual identity.

Gif Logo HT

HT’s language is scientific but popular and it wants to convey closeness but also authority, stability and dynamism in offline and online communication.


The lines that draw the logo, breaking through it, together with the colors become codified elements which guarantee memorability and systemic coherence, but also dynamism. These are components capable of supporting the content and communication according to the very varied needs. Together they are what defines the visual language and allows its cross-media adaptability.


Human Technopole grows in People, Numbers and Spaces.

Internal communication is therefore growing, through small movies designed with visual infographics, for an immediate understanding of the data and programmatic guidance, and to give an account of Human Technopole’s mission.


A system of icon accompanies the online and offline communication.

The design of individuals pictograms has been developed to be consistent with the overall Human Techopole brand language, for an immediate use but already open to the future steps.


In an evolving space, it needs to share existing paths and places with those who live this new reality in its constant transformation, with those who use both old and new functions. At the same time, it’s fundamental to male recognisable and consistent the physical world which is being built in all the spaces of the Foundation.