Parco Archeologico di Ercolano


Parco Archeologico di Ercolano




Video Production: Filmati Milanesi / Stefano Marchino

Parco Archeologico di Ercolano became an autonomous cultural institute on ministerial decree in 2016. After four years of experience it has developed the desire to start a process for defining its new visual identity: a brand that was generated by a participatory process, sharing different souls who inhabit the archaeological site and taking into consideration the context.


Parco Archeologico di Ercolano is a site sorrounded by an active territory, a virtuous case of collaboration between the State and a private sponsor. A living place of memory, a city where visible and invisible are part of a whole. All this becomes a sign through a participatory process. In this way, a new visual identity is generated which is also the symbol of a renewed territorial treaty.


The visual identity created semantically comes to life from the “Herculean Knot”, a classic symbol that belongs to the universal iconography of Hercules. It represents immortal commitment, love and fertility, but also the union between divine and human. Technically the Knot of Hercules is a knot that remains flat and once applied, it is strong but acts without stressing the material; it ties two different strings but of the same diameter.


Hercules is the figure that, mythologically, founded the city of Herculaneum. The Herculean Knot lives again through the new Brand Identity of the Park and bonds the hero with his hometown.


The sign tells of a lasting intertwining between history, myth, memory and the Roman city which is today the collective heritage of the city inhabitans, of Italy and the world. It is the present moment which links past and future, generations, the Herculaneum that was and the Herculaneum that is today. An interpenetration of stories that is possible only in this place.


We work on what is not there, we have to make sense of what is missing.

From something that is in potential to something that is in action.