CEAS – Structural Analysis Center


December 2018


Following the growth of skills and thanks to the numerous successes achieved in Italy and internationally, the company feels the need to express and tell better about itself and its potential, which today determines a new market positioning and a consequent competitive advantage of the offer.
The company and its founding partners perceive the positive transformation underway, but they also notice little awareness of the vast expertise gained, which has in fact no real personality and identity. Moreover in the panorama of reference, CEAS feels the need to better define its perception and presence on the market, which thanks to a much wider range of services than many other competitors, places the company in a territory of absolute avant-garde.
The basic needs of the brief are linked to requests that all underlie the need to define a new and distinctive brand identity.

“We need to express and tell our potential that today is perhaps hidden behind a rigid technicality …”

“We need to rethink our identity, making it able to better explain our positioning …”

“The company has grown and has integrated many skills … There is also a generational shift in progress …”


Design of a brand identity that was an ambassador of the new potential of CEAS and that made the new positioning in the reference market evident. We have built a new brand identity enriching the narrative and the visual language with courtly graphic tones, which reinterpret the geometric codes and knowledge belonging to the past.


CEAS, which was born as an acronym for Structural Analysis Center, is an engineering company that for over 35 years has linked its name to structural design and calculation, in the civil, infrastructural, industrial and geotechnical engineering sectors.

The main competence of the company is the multidisciplinary approach combined with the great experience gained in the management of works, in testing, in geotechnical and geomechanical consultancy, in planning and supervision of works and in the creation and distribution of calculation programs in its own sectors of intervention.

From 1980 to today, the company has become one of the leaders of reference in the field of large engineering firms specializing in structural calculations, growing above all in the field of integrated design and project management.


The new visual identity of CEAS is light, almost confirming that it is in the lightness that intelligence resides, intangible matter by definition. The use of the geometric shapes of the square, the circle and the triangle have further enriched the personality of the brand, making the inspiration for classic codes such as the golden rectangle or the expansion of the Fibonacci code even more elegant.


The project stems from an in-depth analysis of the sector, the peculiarity of the trade and the new direction in which CEAS moves. The months of strategy and brand analysis culminated in a shared workshop, a further necessary tool to bring out the true corporate DNA, negativity and positivity and above all to recognize the perceived company, compared with the internal and external perspective of the company.

The logo and the choice of the font have taken into consideration the provenance of the building construction sector and the company’s ability to solve the complexity thanks to the engineering that, even in antiquity, has always been a hub of innovation and avant-garde.

The result is a logo that is inspired by the signs of epigraphs of miliary stocks and the Greco-Roman tradition.

After having dealt with all the analysis phases, we focused on the construction and expression of the new brand identity, highlighting the transformation step between the before and after.

The references of the brand identity were the protagonists of the campaign to get closer to the event which included public billboards, tables in the local and international press, construction of the Facebook page and social management … but the new brand was only revealed in the evening same as the inauguration of the site-event.


In addition to the construction of the new identity in a second design phase, the complete development of a new website was required, able to define and consolidate the new positioning in the market, in addition to the new identity that has been reached.

A website has been developed that meets the current needs of today’s user. An intuitive and pleasant site to navigate, where the ten-year expertise of CEAS is put on display in a journey into the independent universe of CEAS, where the constantly updated project files are the spearhead of an engineering company that always looks to the future.