Altroconsumo headline






Create a redesign project for the editorial system of Altroconsumo, identifying new names for the headlines and proposing new graphic cover solutions. To attribute a strong and distinctive identity to the editorial offer, creating a family feeling to which the editorial components are brought back, abolishing the hierarchy between the main magazine and supplements.


Naming a magazine means giving it an image and a personality in which readers can identify themselves. We have therefore worked on a new naming able to arise belonging, emotional bond and desire to participate.


We have chosen the preposition “IN” as a distinctive sign both from the semantic and graphic point of view to make the new headlines alive.

“IN” is an interesting preposition because it introduces the complement of motion, of means, of transformation; as an adjective it has the meaning of current, centered, recognized as something that determines new trends; as prefix is used to form nouns that indicate a becoming. It has a reinforcing value, it expresses a movement with which one enters something.


From Altroconsumo to INchieste

Inchieste is a noun related to the journalistic world. It evokes knowledge, professionalism, sharing, truth. It indicates an approach to a more dynamic world, always in the trenches, independent.

From Hitest to INnova

An immediate reference to the world of innovation. This name suggests the experience of discovery and invites to turn it into a fulfilling experience.


From Testsalute to INsalute

It has a very positive meaning. It highlights the result and not the problem. It creates a relationship of sharing, protection, security.

From Soldi&Diritti to INtasca

This name brings the benefit of the magazine to the forefront. It suggests a practical connotation of information, specialized topics addressed in a simple way.


“In an era of change, we renew ourselves to be always ready to give daily answers to everyone”.