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The White Book of Digital Communication

On Thursday the 27th of June, eight associations – Unicom, Upa, Assocom, Fcp, Fedoweb, Fieg, Iab and Netcomm – presented in Milan the fruit of their collaboration: the “White Book of digital communication”, which aims to be the concrete answer to the common demand of certainties, clarity and trust in the digital world.

The White Book deals with six subjects: the rules and criteria of viewability; the transparency of the supply chain (in particular of programmatic); user experience through the measurement of ad blockers and the reasons that brought this event on; ad fraud and brand safety/brand policy – and then it closes on the note of advertisement investments, point of reference for investors and source of reliable and correct information alike.

Unicom contributed to the White Book thanks to the input of its Vice President Gianluca Bovoli, CEO of Carmi e Ubertis.

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