From the merger of Assocom and Unicom born UNA, Companies of the United Communication.

During the meetings of Assocom and Unicom held yesterday, January 15, the associates have deliberated without any vote against the approval of the project that leads to the birth of UNA, Companies of the United Communication. UNA will be the new association that already today has about 170 agencies, and will have the goal of enlarging its own basin from year to year.

Carmi and Ubertis conceived and created the new UNA brand, a black colored logo where the “U” and “A” are mirror elements of the same image, two sides of the same coin. A concept, this, very dear to the presidents of Assocom and Unicom, who decided to merge under the name of UNA to see join their skills and be even more money, professional and responsive to changes in the market.

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